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Public misinformation about family law can cause great confusion and unnecessary anxiety for nearly anyone. It is important to remember, however, that every case is unique and each result different.

At the Law Offices of Eve Lopez, located in Los Angeles, we practice exclusively in the area of family law with an emphasis in matters involving children with special needs and disabled or incapacitated adults. Since the legal system can prove to be overwhelming, we seek to educate you about the entire process, answer your questions, and alleviate your concerns. Please contact our Los Angeles family lawyer to speak to a competent, caring and compassionate attorney.

We assist with the following types of family law matters:

Paternity and Contested Paternity (Uniform Parentage Act)

Paternity actions involve parents who have a child together but were never married. In a paternity action, the court can make orders regarding paternity or non-paternity, such as ordering the parties to submit to DNA testing to include or exclude parentage, as well as orders regarding child support, child custody and attorneys fees. Currently, the court cannot make orders to divide property in a paternity action, although legislative movements are underway to change that.

Contested Custody/Child Custody Evaluations

Contested custody issues can arise in a dissolution (divorce), legal separation, paternity or in a domestic violence action. If the parties are unable to resolve their disputes as to custody and visitation between themselves or with the assistance of a mediator (conciliation court), the court may order the parties into a child custody evaluation or psychological evaluation, of which there are several types. The court may also appoint an attorney for the child(ren).

Domestic Violence Prevention Actions (also commonly referred to as Restraining Orders)

A restraining order is designed to protect a victim, regardless of gender, from future abuse. Domestic violence restraining orders can be obtained by family members, relatives or persons who were in a dating or marital relationship.

Stipulations, Parenting Plans, Uncontested Proceedings and Judgments

In the event of an amicable proceeding, many issues can be resolved without ever having to go to court. Agreements can be reduced to writing and the parties can sign the agreement. Once the agreement has been signed, it can be submitted to the Judge for signature without ever proceeding to court. Once the Judge signs the agreement, it becomes a court order.

Modification of Child Custody and Visitation

Child custody and visitation orders can be changed under certain circumstances. They require prior orders and generally a material change of circumstance. That change of circumstance must have arisen after the prior order was entered and that change must now warrant a modification of the prior order(s).

Modification of Child and Spousal Support

Child support orders can likewise be modified. They too require a change of circumstance which must have arisen subsequent to the prior order. Child support can be modified upwards or downwards depending upon the party’s circumstances and, in the instance of special needs children, based upon the amount necessary to provide for the child(ren)’s special needs.

Child support orders can arise from a dissolution, legal separation, paternity action and can be enforced by the Office of Child Support Enforcement (formerly the District Attorney).

Move Away Cases

When one parent desires to relocate (typically out of state) with one or more minor children, a “move away” action typically commences to determine whether the party should be permitted to move out of state with the minor child(ren).

Appeals from Family Law Orders and Judgments

If a party believes the court made an error in entering a final order, either party may appeal that order and ask that the court of appeals review the lower court’s ruling.

Pre-Marital Agreements (also referred to as Pre-Nuptial Agreements)

Pre-marital agreements are agreements in which parties enter into prior to their marriage to determine their rights and obligations in the event of a breakdown in the marriage.

Post-Marital Agreements

Post-marital agreements are similar to pre-marital agreements or pre-nuptial agreements except that they are entered into after the parties are already married.

At the Law Offices of Eve Lopez, located in Los Angeles, California, we will aggressively represent you to protect further your best interests. Contact our Los Angeles family law attorney today.

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